Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Santaluna Bracelet

This piece was created for a very dear friend of mine, Ms. Santaluna.  She had originally shown me a picture of a design she liked and wanted me to attempt to recreate.  Upon trying it out, I decided the weave wasn't sturdy enough for her, due to her occupation, so tailored the piece using a stronger weave.  This bracelet measures 8" and features bright aluminum 18g 4.7 AR and 3.2 AR rings along with black and red anodized aluminum rings in 5.4 AR and 3.4 AR.  The clasp chosen was a toggle clasp for sturdiness.  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

First "Show"

Well, my first "craft show" was an....experience.  We learned some things relating to my setup/display that need improvements - but overall, I think it went alright.

For an event not "just" a craft show - but a street fair - and being in a 'craft show' that was really a 'vendor show' - competing with home party booths, massively marketed jewelry booths, "made in china" primitives, I didn't do too awful.

I received MANY complements on my jewelry, and it's apparent this is a unique market to be in - even though, as my neighbor at the show told me "EVERYBODY tries to sell jewelry now-a-days."  It's ok, she was just cranky.  *chuckles*

I had great interest in my star pendants - even though I thought the earrings would be going.  In addition, there was a bit of interest in folks wanting custom pieces, and my business cards were flying off the table.

One BIGGEST thing I need to remember - the hand mirror goes BEHIND the shelf next time - not out on the table.  I think that got the most interest......from kids, making faces, picking noses, etc.

I am looking forward to my next show - which will be strictly devoted to actual "crafts", handmade artisans with their wares.

All in all - I'm glad for the experience, and will do the show next year, for the local support, family support, and never turning down an opportunity to display my wares and get my name out there.