Care Tips

Due to the materials that I use, caring for your Widdershins Creations items is easy!

A few key facts need to be taken into consideration however:

  • Collars are meant as adornments only and NOT to be used as utility or play collars
  • Anodized (colored) rings may in time show wear if worn constantly
  • The materials used will conduct heat, caution should be used in "hot" situations (cooking, etc.)
To care for your chainmail:
  • Wear with pride, but wear gently.  My items are not meant to be used as "play" items.  (ie: attachment points, prolong pulling/tugging, etc.)
  • Using a soft bristled toothbrush and gentle soap, you can gently brush your chainmaille pieces.  Take care on anodized (colored) rings.  Allow to air dry, or dry with a soft cloth.
  • Do not use other cleaning agents for other metals on your chainmaille pieces.

Goddess Sandals
  • Made from 100% cotton.  Some shrinkage may accur upon washing/drying your item.
  • Can be washed/dryed by hand or machine.
  • Can be worn in any environment.
All Other Crochet Items
  • Made from either 100% cotton or acrylic fibers. 
  • All items can be washed by hand or machine.
  • If your item is made from cotton, some shrinkage may occur upon washing/drying.

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