Yarn Over Creations is a mother and daughter team who share their love and family tradition of crocheting.  From baby booties to afghans to accessories and household items, the love for our craft shines through all of our pieces!  Combined, we have over 40 years of experience in this craft, and it just keeps going!

Ever since I was a child I had an interest in crafting; mainly jewelry and crochet, from simply wearing it to creating it.  As I grew up I was always making jewelry from simple kits, to putting together my own designs. I was also taught at an early age how to crochet by my mother and my aunt. Over the years I have experimented with beadwork, wire wrapping, bead stringing, chainmaille, and any number of crochet methods.
I am a 30-something happily married Domestic Goddess.  I am tolerated by a furbaby, Lokean, who is my "Operations Manager".

Carmen lives in Manheim, PA with her husband and all of her wonderful felines.  She enjoys gardening and herbalism in addition to her crafty interests.  Carmen is a Type II diabetic with Diabetic Retinopathy.  She is an inspiration to many on how she just keeps truckin' and doesn't let much stand in her way!


We enjoy having a personal, one on one interaction with our customers.  Therefore, you will NOT find that we host a "buy it now" type of click and buy site.  These types of sites cost money, and that would have to reflect in our prices.  In addition, there is no sense of personal contact with the customer.  We offer free sizing of all of our pre-created chainmaille, as well as different closure types.  Crochet items are also custom made if desired. There are simply too many factors to makeus want to have a simple "click and buy" relationship with our customers.  We wish to keep our prices reasonable - as charging for supplies, time, shipping and processing is enough.  We also wish to devote more time to our art, as opposed to maintaining a commercial website and all of its' expenses.  By having our site as a blog, we can keep folks updated on the process of making pieces, sharing personal stories of crafting creation, hosting galleries of pieces, and providing information on ordering.

This is where our craft originated.  From Beatrice, my grandmother and Carmen's mother.
Below is a poem Carmen wrote about her mother and her crochet.

My Mother’s Hands
I was but a child when I first witnessed the beauty within her hands.
I watched as illusion became reality, her fingers nurturing those colorful strands.
Her fingers moved so briskly…magic to my eyes…I could not turn away,
As I watched my mother create beauty…she said it was crochet.
I sat mesmerized in quiet wonder as the hook seemed to almost fly
With quick and fluid movements…a delight for the eye!
She showed me the stitches…she did it with such care.
She taught me so much more than crochet as I sat by her chair.
With each strand hooked there was patience of what would come
When at last she would sit and smile at what she had done!
She would hold it out in front of her and give it one last final look.
How beautiful was that magic created with one simple hook!
She crocheted scarves, afghans and baby clothes...many doilies for the rooms,,
She created strands of wonder that became cherished heirlooms.
For me crochet is more than a project created from fuzzy strands.
It is the memory of love created by my Mother’s precious hands!

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