Saturday, October 13, 2012

Three Star Mobius Necklace

Three Star Mobius Necklace/Choker/Collar - $45.00
This piece is made of extremely light weigh bright aluminum rings in a variety off sizes.  Three stars compromise the focal points while mobius rings create the connecting chains.  This piece finished in the back with a simple 2 in 1 weave to finish off with a toggle clasp.  Measures appx. 18" but can be sized for free up to 20".

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Pedricktown Day 20120 was, well, uneventful based on sales.  However, I had an immense boost to my muses' self esteem, and that was MUCH needed!  Hundreds of people were commending me on my work, how unique it was, taking pamphlets, order forms, cards, saying they'd be in touch.  Over all, the reaction to my jewelry truly makes me shine inside with pride.
Also a big thank you to my assistants, mom, dad, and John - ya'll were a great help to get set up, kept me in line, and helped breaks us down in no time.
Looking forward to next years!