Thursday, May 31, 2012

Starting To Get Really Excited!

It's almost here!  Two days and counting and I will be one of 50+ featured artists/vendors at the 23rd Annual Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival in Elmer, NJ!!!!

I cannot wait!!!!

My cousin, Staci, will be visiting me to be my assistant for the show.  I'm sure she'll do a great job at keeping me calm yet excited!  I'm so afraid I'll either be bummed or totally lose my head.

I've been working hard the past few days to get some extra product made.  My fingers and hands are sore just typing this!

Do be sure to visit me if you are in the area - you'll be hearing some fantastic music and supporting some very talented artists as well!

I will be posting a few updates to my FaceBook as time and phone battery power allow.

After this show I promise to be more active in posting to wares, this show has simply been occupying my chaining time in getting ready.

Thank you all for being great fans, customers and followers!