Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hot off the pliers...

"Diva Delight" - made for Pam, a friend of mine we lovingly call "The Diva".  18 gague, 5.1 AR bright aluminum rings woven in the full persian style, mauve gold sheen glass beads, hand made wire bead links, matching earrings, adjustable necklace from 18" to 22" with toggle closure.  Selling for $65, however this particular set is claimed by The Diva - but similar sets can be created!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tackled a Ring

PLEASE NOTE:  I am NOT ready to make these to sell yet.  Once I acquire a ring sizer I will be able to make these for customers.

The picture quality is not up to par, nor are my closures on the band perfect, but this was a simple quick run to see if I even could do this type of work. This was very tiny work.

I used 18 gauge for the romanov ring center and 20 gauge for the ring band.

I MAY consider making these in the future to sell - but I honestly wasn't too happy while making this due to the small rings of the band.  It made my eyes hurt a bit too much.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Full Persian Necklace - $45.00

Oh how I love this weave!  Many friends call this the "snake weave" because of the way it moves.  This weave has great movement but also retains it's strength.

This particular piece features a 1 1/2" wide center steel ring.  Two lengths of full persian weave are attached.  The rings used are a substantial 16 gauge ring making the lengths of chain just shy of 1/2" in thickness.  There is a toggle clasp as the closure, however, as always you may choose your closure style.  Lobster clasp (spring lever), toggle, or lockable ends ($5.00 extra, comes with a Just in Case clasp as well, and you supply your own lock).  This piece measures 16" in length and can be resized for free up to 20".  Sizing over $20 is $3.00 per inch.  As always, the material used for my weaves is bright aluminum, giving the look of silver for a fraction of the cost, and boasting easy care and a surprising light weight. Though this weave is thicker than some of my other weaves, it is still extremely light weight.  You will be surprised at how delicious this piece feels around your neck.

Selling for $45.00 plus shipping/processing and 7% NJ Sales Tax
(please remember your measurements and free sizing up to 20") 

A looser look to this piece.

Same piece only with a tighter look around the neck.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Pliers!

Finally got some new pliers this week thanxs to the hubby.  I'm not ready yet to shell out $100 for a new pair of fancy pliers - that will go on the christmas wish list for next year.  The pliers I had been using, manufactured for my ring supplier and specially made for working with chain mail have been working quite well, but I felt it was time for an upgrade and was hoping to find a more comfortable handle.  One of the biggest issues I have while working is the pressure on my hands from the handles mainly due to the fact that my hands are more "petite".

I check the local craft stores, and nothing I'd want to spend my money on there.

We happened to be visiting a local chain hardware store for some other supplies for my jewelry and checked out their tool section.  I found EXACTLY what I wanted - but - in a set of 20 other tools!!!  They didn't have the particular one I wanted sold separately.  Thankfully, my husband has a need for extra tools, so we ended up getting two packs of these.  The two packs ended up being cheaper than purchasing two "specifically made for jewelry" pliers online.  These are just the same, if even better for my hands.

They are made by Kobalt and are what they call a "mini" plier.  Mini is good, my hands are mini!  I first fell in love with these just LOOKING at the handles.  Thick, textured, so comfortable looking.  They are a nice sized flatnose, obviously with no teeth.

Picked up a can of tool dip as well to coat the business ends to further prevent marring of my rings while working on them.  I did not coat my previous ones as they hadn't been marring my rings - but I wanted to be extra carefully sure on my new ones.

I am SO pleased with these pliers and will be using them until I can convince myself to shell out the $100 for the dream set I've been eyeing up - or until next christmas.

Here they are with one of my original pliers in the middle.  Note the yarn wrapped, electrical tape wrapped handles of the original ones.  I did what I could to get the handles thicker and less "slippy".

Monday, February 6, 2012

Double Helm Chain Choker - $65.00

I will be sad to see this precious go.  I truly fell in love with this one.  I WILL be making one for myself, especially since John was the one who picked out these beads - and they truly are a unique type. 

This necklace features segments made from double strips of helm weave.  Between the segments we have rings with granite stone beads dangling.  The stone beads have a matte finish - they are not shiny like most gemstone beads.

This piece truly dazzles with the chain drapes which are all hand linked as well.  I NEVER use premade chains in my work.

This piece measures appx. 18" in length but can be shortened or lengthened (up to 20") for free.  It closes with a toggle clasp.

I am showing a picture of this piece on due to the fact that my necklace bust form is not thick/wide enough to truly show how this piece will lay around a neck.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Brown Beaded Byzantine

Made as a custom order, this set features an 18 gauge ring byzantine weave with brown glass beads to accent.  Matching earrings, and a toggle clasp on the 16" necklace.  SOLD for $65-