Monday, June 24, 2013

Crafting Community, Anonymous Thank You

Today, my day was made a bit brighter by the crafting community.

I've been seriously down and out, and have been in a slump with my jewelry; chainmaille and crochet.

I stopped by the Deptford, NJ AC Moore this evening to purchase some supplies for the Barefoot Adornments that have become so popular, thanks to my cousin, Staci.

I was in the checkout lane, and had a basket full of random colors of DMC floss; all of which would need to be counted out and rang up separately by the cashier.

A woman came in line behind me with only one item, and I urged her to go ahead of me since I would take awhile.

She was very appreciative, I got a "God Bless"  (smile and nod, smile and nod), many thanks, and then the conversation was started by the cashier as to if I did embroidery, noting the many skeins of DMC floss in my basket sitting on the counter waiting.

"No, I actually crochet barefoot sandals with that."

"WHAT!?!?!?!  Do you have pictures!??!?!"

And so it started.

I felt as if i was soliciting in AC Moore - but I was assured by the cashier this is what they're there for, and part of the business, everyone shares their crafts.

The cashier and the woman I let go in front of me seemed quite intrigued with this idea.

So, cards were handed out, thanks were given and had, and I am continuing this evening with a smile on my face.

Not for the possible future business, but because of a quick moment of comaraderie between crafters; and random acts of kindness.

Being considerate to fellow human beings (offering the woman behind me to go in front of me) is sorely missing in this world.  There really isn't any altruistic act out there; I'll readily admit it felt great to do that.  But think of what that woman may walk away with.  Maybe she'll pay a tiny simple act of kindness forward.

We could all do with being kinder in this world when the time arises.  It may not seem like much, but letting someone go ahead of you in line, helping someone pick something up they dropped, etc. can go a long way for some.

So while this isn't directly related to new postings of chainmaille and jewelry, from one humble crafter to the gentle readers out there - be kind, and always....STAY CRAFTY! the cashier at AC Moore and the "Woman in Line Behind Me/Ahead of Me" - if you're out there reading this - thank you!

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