Sunday, September 23, 2012

Double Byzantine Necklace

Double Byzantine
 $55.00 + shipping/processing and 7% NJ Sales Tax
((limited colors available; slowly phasing out stock of colors; please ask for color availability))

This piece takes my favorite weave, byzantine, and turns it into something a bit more flat/stable on the neck.  This is a perfect piece to be worn tighter, as a collar should be.  This piece does not flip or roll as easily as single strand weaves and has a more "traditional" collar look and feel to it.

This particular piece is made from bright aluminum rings and features anodized aluminum rings in a "champagne" color.  Please note that I am slowly phasing out my colored rings; so color options are limited; please contact me for color availability if you wish to add color to your piece.

There is a toggle clasp as the closure, however, as always you may choose your closure style;  Lobster clasp (spring lever), toggle, or lockable ends ($5.00 extra, comes with a Just in Case clasp as well, and you supply your own lock).  This piece measures 18" in length and can be resized for free up to 20".  Sizing over 20" is $3.00 per inch.

The material used for my weaves is aluminum, giving the look of silver for a fraction of the cost, and boasting easy care and a surprising light weight.  You will be surprised at how delicious this material feels around your neck.

#### Interested in Ordering?
All orders are invoiced via PayPal and sent out within one week of invoice payment via USPS in "vanilla" USPS boxes.

Please email me at or contact me here.

I will need to know the following information:
* Your email address for invoicing purposes
* Measurements
* Clasp preferrence (toggle, lobster, or locking ends which are an additional $5.00 and come with a "Just in Case" clasp as well)
* Shipping address

Selling for $55.00 plus shipping/processing and 7% NJ Sales Tax
(please remember your measurements and free sizing up to 20")

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