Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hearthstone Wear

I broke away from a bit due to my muse smacking me on the head.

"Home is where the hearth is" she kept saying.

I saw it.

Wearable hearthstones.

No matter where you are,  you'll be "home".

These lovelies are made of hardened clay and glass with a secure metal bail to loop your chain or cord around.  (Chain, cord, etc, not included.)

These measure roughly 1/4" think, 1/2" wide and 1" long - give or take as each is hand crafted on it's own.

Your hearthstone shines from within, capture by the stone around it, and it truly does glow and reflect the light.

All hearthstones are bind on equip.

Available in the following formats:

Pendant - $10.00
Earrings - $15.00
Set - $20.00
Keychain - $10.00
(all keychains are made using a length of random chainmaille and measure appx. 3")

To order, simply send me an email at, with your shipping address, and you will be sent a PayPal invoice.  All items are shipped out without 5 business days of invoice payment.

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